From the beginning 2016 LTD Giocapitali and Turkish Company “Eserdekorasyon”  became the partners and the Georgia had become an  official representative of their product.  Since then we began the realization of Penoplastic tiles.

   LPS - Laminated polystyrene –this  is completed, swelled polystyrene, surface with a mass of closed pores, which are covered with a fire-resistant and wear-resistant surface light armor. 98% of the product is clean and dry air, and the material does not contain poisonous substances.

   Polystyrenal foam as an insulating tool can be used: On the walls of the building, for thermal insulation on the terraces, in warehouses, commercial purpose objects, shifting items, in places of water and etc.  Also used for advertising and decorative purposes.

The benefits of product:

  • Is the best thermal insulator
  • Prevents the formation of bacteria
  • It is widely used in developed countries
  • Outdoor decoration
  • Comfortable installation
  • Minimum level of water intake
  • Suitable for more than 50 years of salvation
  • Environmentally clean and safe
  • Economical
  • The polysylene mass is filled with special gas
  • In the short term, replacing gas with air, as well as active mechanical sustainability is the guarantee of product stability (In pale polystyols are very thin pores: 1 kb / m - 3 - to 6 billion)
  • The last stage of production is the formation of the material, after which the laminate surface of the higher density is added to the surface resistance and fire resistance.

   LPS - Laminated polystyrene - Facing thermal insulation materials:

  • There are 3, 4 and 5 cm panels
  • Panels area varies from 0.6 square meters (120 cm * 50 cm) to 1 square meter (200 cm * 50 cm)
  • The average weight of the slab 4 kg is 1 sq/m
  • Does not gets worn out easily
  • Provides the best thermal insulation
  • The world prefers maximum saving of energy, for which the facade is insulated by thermal insulation materials.

   LPS materials can endure a few hours of pressure that does not cause the evacuation of humans. It is not self-fluid, it does not generate alcohol, does not allocate toxic smoke, because the surface is processed with a special firefight. These tiles are distinguished with energy efficiency. It can reduce winter-summer utility costs from 40% to 60%.

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