The current project of Giocapitali  -  str.Trialeti, Zemo Plato, Varketili

About the project:

    Construction of modern design, 13-storey, multi-apartment (102 apartment) residential building began in 2017, May.

    The seismic resistance of the structure is calculated on 8 bales. The masked frame consists of reinforced concrete monolithic construction, with a base on 29 piles. The piles of 1.0x1.0 meters are dropped into the ground at a depth of 9 meters and is adjacent to the rocky rock.

    The hamstring system gives the construction special strength. It protects the seismic damage over the years, which significantly increases the length of the structure with stability.

    The facade of the building facade is constructed with a thermal insulation block. It is decorated and painted with a high quality price of paint, while the facade is decorated with decorative tiles. Such high performance makes the facades of buildings energy-efficient.

    Two passenger lifts are arranged for floors. In the basement of the building is planned to arrange a sporting recreation center and the residents of this building will benefit from the reduced price.

Building on the Plato
Second Floor
Third Floor
Forth Floor
Fifth Floor
Sixth Floor
Seventh Floor
Eights Floor
Nineth Floor
Tenth Floor
Eleventh Floor
Twelvth Floor
Thirteenth floor